Welcome to my Practice!

I have wanted to be a counselor since I was first introduced to developmental psychology and abnormal psychology as an undergraduate. However family responsibilities prohibited me from returning to graduate school immediately after finishing my BA.

My philosophy on counseling is simple. Life can be difficult and everyone has those times in life that they need someone to talk to who will listen without passing judgment. Someone who will create a safe place where they can share their dreams, their pain, their doubts, their fears, as well as their joys and their hopes and know they are safe. An individual who is trained to be able to understand the problems they are facing and who will listen attentively without judging and who can skillfully offer them genuine hope in the midst of their struggles and their crises.

Trying to raise children in contemporary America can be overwhelming for all parents, but especially for those parents who, for whatever reason, are single and are effectively attempting to do the job alone. Sometimes as parents you just need a sounding board for your own ideas; and sometimes you need someone to validate what you are doing; and sometimes, when you have “hit a wall” and you have run out of options you may need someone with a fresh approach to your problem. Marriage is also difficult; because of the multitude of demands on our time, and as the family grows there is a rapidly decreasing amount of time for the couple to spend keeping the love alive that brought them together. I have had several people who have encouraged me on my journey through life, listening as I poured out my heart; sharing my joy, my pain, my fears, my problems, and my doubts. Now it is my turn to pass it on and to be there for those who need someone to listen without judgment and to pass on the encouragement and the hope.