SYMBIS stands for Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts and that is what we do with the new SYMBIS Assessment and Curriculum.  This curriculum has been used by more than a million couples already and has received praise from pastors and counselors who have expressed their appreciation for the way the Assessment, the book, the companion his & her workbooks and the video series works together so seamlessly. So whether you need premarital counseling for a group at church, a small intimate group of 2-3 couples who are getting married near the same time and want to go through their premarital counseling together, or whether you are a Bride and Groom who want to do your premarital counseling in the privacy of your own counseling sessions, SYMBIS is the curriculum you are looking for.

  • Here are a few of the facts:
    • 76% of married couples say they wish they had pre-marriage education.
    • 86% of Americans over 18 say all couples considering marriage should get pre-marriage education.
    • Couples who do not get pre-marriage education are more likely to see their couples as atypical and unsolvable.
    • 41% of divorced couples say lack of pre-marriage preparation contributed to their divorce.
  • It is flexible and easy to use. It can be done in 3, 5, 8, or 10 sessions whatever your current financial limit or desired knowledge foundation is.    
  • Who is SYMBIS for? It is for anyone who wants to improve his or her marriage. Originally designed for the pre-engaged person, since its inception SYMBIS has been used by facilitators to help those who are engaged, in the first year of marriage, those who have been married les than 10 years and recently reports have come back of it being used with great success of with those who have been married much longer.
  • Mom & Dad, it is the greatest gift you can give your son and daughter preparing for marriage. Families pay thousands of dollars preparing for weddings and honeymoons, but how much do young couples spend preparing for their marriage?
  • The first year of marriage is the hardest and SYMBIS, with its practical content is designed to make that first year easier:
  • Question 1:  Have You Faced the Myths of Marriage With Honesty?
  • Question 2: Can You Identify Your Love Style?
  • Question 3: Have You Developed The Habit of Happiness?
  • Question 4: Can You Say What You Mean and Understand What You Say?
  • Question 5: Have You Bridged the Gender Gap?
  • Question 6: Do You Know How to Fight a Good Fight?
  • Question 7: Are You and Your Partner Soul Mates?


  • And if a couple has been marked before we have the version Saving Your Second Marriage Before It Starts which has two additional chapters:
  • Are You Ready for Remarriage?
  • Do You Know How to Blend a Family?

In addition to the books, the companion his/her workbook sets are immensely helpful for engaged couples. They are packed full of helpful exercise that serve as ideal jumping off points for conversations about their relationships. I have worked with couples that said they have talked more deeply about their relationships and have come to know each other better while working through the workbooks than at any other time.

  • SYMBIS is thoroughly research-based.
  • Couple’s love it – at a recent class of 24 couples every couple attended every session or made individual counseling sessions to make up what they missed.
  • It’s funny poignant and it works!