Even the sound of the word psychotherapy can be frightening if you have never been to counseling before. For some it brings up images of Freud, a couch, and a cold, disinterested counselor probing the darkest secrets of your mind.  Those therapists who practice Freudian therapy are called Psychoanalysts. Let me first dispel one myth, not everyone who comes to counseling is deeply troubled. Many people who seek counseling have a good life or a good marriage; they are just seeking ways to make their life or their marriage even better. Others find that they get stuck and need help getting unstuck; and then there are those times that life can get big or scary and depression or anxiety can become issues. At those times a counselor is trained to listen and has the training to help you learn techniques that will enable you to cope better until life becomes more settled again. Counselors are also trained to deal with the more serious mental health issues but generally, most counseling is just helping individuals, couples and families cope with the challenges of life in the 21stcentury.  If you have ever thought, “If I just had someone I could talk to…” then possibly counseling is something you should consider.

Counseling is a safe place where you can meet with a trained counselor who is genuine and will listen to you compassionately and without judgment. My personal approach to counseling is eclectic which means that I use whatever technique, insight, or understanding will help you in that particular moment to reach your goal, to find healing, to move to the next stage of change, or to gain the insight you need.


I believe the therapeutic relationship I form with each client is the greatest tool I have to help you make the changes and reach the goals you have for coming to counseling. It will be my goal to make that relationship a safe haven where you can feel secure enough to share the deepest needs of your heart, and a secure base from which you can dare to make the changes and reach for the goals that you want to set. I believe counseling is a collaborative venture. I respect the wisdom you bring regarding your life. I will not however hesitate to intervene if you become stuck. Nevertheless the journey is yours.